Austin Soccer photo gallery

I set up a new photo group on Flickr. Post photos of adult and youth soccer events from around Austin and the Central Texas area. I will be uploading photos periodically from AMSA matches, tournaments and Austin Aztex games. If you have an account feel free to post your photos. If you don’t have a Flickr account…’s propably time to get one.

Austin Soccer Photo Group


3 Responses to “Austin Soccer photo gallery”

  1. Carol Miller Says:

    My family is relocating to Austin in late July or early August 2009. I have a ten year old that plays competitive soccer and am trying to find out about the leagues in the Austin area. Can you point me to some good information?

    Carol Miller

    • K. Fricke Says:

      Carol – welcome to Austin. Where are you guys moving from? I think that you’ll find Austin is a great place for soccer. If you go out to Zilker Park you’ll always be able to find a pick up game and there are usually hundreds of soccer players enjoying the warm weather.

      Austin is home to several youth soccer clubs and depending upon the level of competitiveness, etc. that you are looking for some may be a better fit than others. We have just posted some links to various teams and organizations around Austin. Take a look. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

      Again, welcome to Austin!

  2. Roderick Mitchell Says:

    Hello Carol,

    My name is Roderick Mitchell and I coach an 11-U Girls team that will be moving up to play Select DII soccer for the Fall 2009-2010 season. We will become 12-U as well. If your daughter is in this division, we would love for her to try out for the Dragons 98′ DII team. We have selected 10 players from the current team and looking to add 5 more to fill a roster of 5.

    If she is in the age group and you are interested please feel free to contact me at 512-796-0230

    Thank you and have a great day,

    Coach Roderick Mitchell

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